On the “Trumpocalypse”

I realized that I passed the point where I feel more comfortable writing in English than in Vietnamese, so I will keep doing this, until I feel this is too painful. Writing, for me, is a leisure activity, so I’m gonna do whatever I feel most relaxed.

So, on the event that is flooding all over social media. The following points kept lurking around in my mind for quite a while, and I think the most effective way to forget about them is just to write them all down (although I really wonder if it worths the effort):

  • It’s no secret that Mr. Trump lost the popular votes, but won the electoral votes, which is decisive for the presidency. This is not the first time it happens in the US, and once again, it shows that the Electoral College system in the US is, at least, flawed.
  • I heard somebody said the election was a great demonstration of democracy? C’mon, please. If anything, it is, at least, delusional. I am not sure why the US keeps a system that was invented several hundreds year ago, while other options are available. At least they could probably consider the election procedure implemented in most of Europe (which, by the way, is based on a fucking mathematical model).
  • Strange as it might sound, but I heard somebody else said one of the root cause of a massive support for Donald Trump is because of the expensive educational system in the US. Many Americans can’t afford for their (high-level) education, so over years the number of people with low-quality education accumulates, and they are easily fooled into aggressive, angry but empty statements. Although this might be true for some regions of the States (and I have seen similar phenomenons in some regions in Europe too), but recent exit polls in the US doesn’t really show this.
  • We could totally understand why Americans are sick of candidates like Hillary Clinton. Diplomatic, well-thought, well-positioned statements are often weak, and people are sick of this kind of leaders. But in a challenging world with so many different interests, being aggressive might often hurt than help. Some of the topics that Mr. Trump showed in his first 100-day plan already gives some hints of causing instability at the world-scale, and who knows what kind of events might come once he manages to deliver everything he promised.
  • One plausible consequence of this election is that the US Federal Government might turn out to be weak, and the State governments might have more actual control on the policies of their states. I am not sure how realistic this future might be, because the US Federal Government seems pretty strong so far, but for many strong states, following a super-conservative policy might be a bad idea, due to the lack of skilled workers, the raise of economic inequality, environmental issues, etc…
  • Last but not least, if the US cancels the TPP, it will be a very bad news for Vietnam. The Vietnamese economy is already suffering from corruption and low income (due to the low oil price), and it is probably surviving on the loans (e.g. from China last year). TPP was used to be seen as one of the the last salvages of Vietnam. Without TPP, I am imagining a Venezuela-style future for the Vietnamese economy (if you are in Vietnam, maybe it is a good idea NOT to put your money in the domestic banks).

The future might turn out a bit unstable for many of us, especially when the elections in Europe are coming this and next year, but in general, I believe the best we can do is to stay cool, focus on learning and delivering whatever the heck we promised. It is apparently the best investment for the future.


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