Markov models

Fortunately, I have another opportunity to complete my presentation on Markov models which I have partly published before. This time I have made some significant changes:

– Added a section discussing the motivation of Markov chains.

– Included three algorithms of HMM with detailed ideas and equations.

– Finally, to complete a talk on Markov models, I have also included a short review on Markov Random Field and its application in image segmentation. However I don’t have enough time so this section is pretty short and lack of some details. This is a fundamental subject so you can read about it in various textbooks.

Well, honestly this is the longest presentation I have ever made (with 107 pages). Actually I will have to present it this afternoon. I’m not sure how much time it will take to present this slide completely, but you can be sure that it takes me a lot of time (and many stay-up-late nights) to be completed. So if you are gonna adopt it for your own purpose, please take it with care 😉



Due to this slide, the tutorial on QR algorithm is temporarily corrupted. I will post the final section on QR algorithm soon (hopefully before the weekend).



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