Beamer-liked template for MS PowerPoint

Beamer is a well-known \LaTeX class for making presentation. The simplicity and elegance, in addition to the power of \LaTeX itself in presenting maths equations, makes Beamer be one of the best presentation themes for scientists.

However, the drawback of Beamer is the lack of support for images. Having images in Beamer is a painful trial-and-error process…

So I decided to build my own template for PowerPoint which looks similar to Beamer. However, Beamer is a powerful package with various options, so I absolutely cannot make the template looks exactly like Beamer. As can be seen in the sample image, I cannot select the font used in Beamer, Arial in the PowerPoint template just looks stupid.

If you are interested, feel free to download and modify to meet your requirements.

Alternative download link (dropbox):



  1. Hello. Many thanks for this! It is great. How can we change the sample title? I tried in master view but didn’t work.

    1. Hi Derya,
      In the download package you would only find the templates (actually just 1 template but for many different version of Office). You can apply this template to your own presentation, your current title will be display correctly.

  2. Sopan P
    Hey thanks for this, I prefer beamer but when there is hurry to make slides, like you said beamer is painful for adjusted the images and tables, now I’ll use this duplicated of beamer for my presentations! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that. I have a question! if I want to present this power point as pdf! what would be the best font ( size & theme)? Do you think it is a good idea to convert it to pdf?

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